November 3, 2015


Edgard Dutra

Head instructor and owner of Brazilian Top Team Brevard County, Professor Edgard Dutra has a 4th Degree Black Belt under Austregesilo Reis and Cassio Werneck with BTT / Murilo Bustamante. Edgard received his black belt in 2004. Edgard moved to the United States 14 years ago and began teaching, everywhere, including a garage. Edgard worked full-time in several other jobs while slowly building up his student base. Making the best of the American dream, Edgard built Brazilian Top Team of Brevard County into the beautiful family school it is today. Brazilian Top Team of Brevard County has two premier venues and is the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school within 100 miles.


Instructor: Judo and BJJ

Sensei Kleber Goncalves began training Judo 25 years ago in Brazil under Olympic Gold Medalist Sensei Rogério Sampaio.

He achieved the rank of black belt in Judo in 2010.

He began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Edgard Dutra in 2008 and achieved the rank of black belt in 2016.

Cody Cumberland

Instructor: Kids BJJ

Cody Cumberland is a current two stripe purple belt under Professor Edgard Dutra.

Josh Goodyear

Instructor: Muay Thai and MMA

Josh Goodyear began training in martial arts in 2010 and currently holds a BJJ Brown Belt under Professor Edgard Dutra.  A well-rounded mixed martial artist, Josh studied kickboxing under former ISKA World Champion, Kenny Hewski and has also trained in the disciplines of boxing and Muay Thai.

He continually expands his wrestling skills by training with long time Brevard County wrestling Coach Kelly Benninger.
Josh is an active MMA fighter, recently returning to the ring with a TKO win in his last fight, while previously having fought in some of the premier amateur promotions in Florida.  He has competed and won numerous grappling tournaments throughout the state.

As MMA instructor at BTT he coaches a stable of fighters who have appeared in promotions such as Rise Of A Warrior and Combat Night.
Josh’s passion is Mixed Martial Arts and coaching and his desire is to pass along the technique he has learned to others, whether it is to improve personal self-defense, gain self-confidence, or participate in amateur or professional fighting.